Card Making Tips!

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Shop around first!

When it comes to special times of the year, you want to make sure you get a lovely card. Well why not make one! Nothing is more special or personal then making your very own card for that special someone!
My first tip would be to shop around EBay have a search round for card designs that you think that person would like, look for different types of coloured card and paper. You can always save items into your watch list to the come back to and decide on.
There is loads of different items that you could buy to make your card great from the likes of glitters, feathers and buttons to embossed card, straws, die cut outs and borders. If you shop around you can make sure you get the best deal you don't want to me paying out more money for something that you could find cheaper.

Types of card!

There is a lot of different types of card out there. Make sure you read what the description is first before you commit to buy. There is thin and thick types and lots of different colours whether you like bold bright colours or pastel colours im sure you will find a great seller that caters for your needs! Its important to choose a good quality card otherwise your card wont stand up correctly and may look cheap. You can also get card that's embossed with patterns and designs that  you might like to jazz up your card. There is glitter card or holographic cards available to but these may be dearer then the normal packs of card. You can also buy crept paper and various different colours of paper that you could use to make as a nice inner section to your card. Now you can get started on making the perfect card!

Extra tools!

There is lots of different tools out there to make card making fun! Such as craft scissors, these allow you to add great edge designs to your card or inserts giving your card more character. Glue guns, these are great if you have a lot of gems or glitter patches that you want to stick onto your cards. There is lots of offers around where you can get the guns plus a good stock of glue sticks to go with so again shop around. Ribbons, these are great for giving your card a final dress, they can add the finishing touches to make your card look great. Again there is so many different types of ribbons, thick, thin, large, small different designs or plain its all up to you and what card you are making.
Craft knife or guillotines, both of these are great for cutting lines and paper/card into the size that you want with great neatness. If you want perfect straight lines then these could be a great investment to make. You will have to shop around to make sure that you get the right one for you as there is many different sizes you can buy. Also some guillotines can be pretty pricey so you want to make sure you don't buy one and then find the same one cheaper.
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