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By Sachin Mehta

Spirit Reaper


PGD-076   (Limit 1)    


ATK 300         DEF 200

[ Zombie / Effect ]

This monster is not destroyed as a result of battle at any time, although damage calculation is applied normally. When this card is specifically designated as a target of the effect of a Magic, Trap, or Effect Monster Card, this card is immediately destroyed. When this card attacks your opponent's Life Points directly, 1 card is randomly selected from your opponent's hand and discarded to the Graveyard.

Spirit Reaper is like Black Luster Soldier Envoy to me. For the longest time, everyone was expecting him to get touched by the Banned/Restricted list, but he kept dodging it. He did, finally, get Restricted, though, unlike BLS did not end up getting banned. And at the worst possible time. With monster summoning being as fast as its been in ages and monster attacks being as high as they've ever regularly been, having a dependable wall is integral. Zaborgs could wipe it out, true, but at least you'd be okay until then. Factor in that all dependable stall is being taken from us (Level Limit, Gravity-Bind), and the ability to fend off big attacks would be nice to have more of.

Obviously, Reaper goes in pretty much every deck. Restricted, it's not as powerful as it used to be and you may not have it when you need it. You know what my favourite aspect of Reaper was (and it was essentially destroyed by Reaper's restriction)? Reaper on the Nightmare. That was one of the best Fusions in the game. Direct attack, discard upon LP damage, invulnerable to battle, and safe, safe, safe under Messenger of Peace. Still...invulnerable to basic Monarch attacks, can fend off multiple monsters, and can force discards when you attack it. Reaper's one of the best cards in the game. It would look boss as a holographic. Wish we could get one like that...



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