Cardmaking - Best Craft Glue For Gems & Pearls

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My hobby is making cards, but I was having a real problem with pearls falling off the cards once the glue had dried.  Don't get me wrong they all stuck with the various glues I tried, but some would fall off if the card was bent slightly or after going through the mail system, so from a lot of trial and error I have found some good glues that do the job better, well in my opinion anyway.

The glue I first used was PVA, it could make the card bend slightly as its quite wet and my pearls would sometimes fall off.

The second type I tried was UHU glue, its a very good strong glue, but very messy! Its a very sticky glue, so it tends to leave extra bits of glue around when your using it to stick gems and pearls.  However, its brilliant for sticking larger items down, like backing papers and card toppers.

My next choice of glue was Aleenes's Original Tacky Glue, which is another great glue.  It dries clear which is always good.  When I was using it to stick on pearls, they stuck down fine, but I found the glue dried quite brittle and the pearls would come off quite a bit.  The glue was brilliant for everything else just not pearls!

I was getting quite frustrated that nothing seemed to firmly stick them, when the card was bent or going through the mail, so the next time I ordered two glues to try and they have been the best by far for keeping my pearls well stuck on the cards, as to date, none of my pearls stuck down with these two glues have fallen off yet.

So my top 2 glues for keeping gems and pearls firmly in place are;
  • Ranger Glossy Accents
  • Beacon Gem-Tac
With the Ranger Glossy Accents glue you get more for your money and has a nice thin nozzle for application.  You can also use that to add a gloss effect over items.

The Gem-Tac glue, has a very narrow precision nozzle for even very small gems.

Both of these glues are amazing for attaching gems and pearls and through my own experience these are the best for what I needed them for.  I hope this helps anyone else trying to find a good glue for gems and pearls, as it was driving me up the wall trying to find my perfect one!

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