Cardmaking Index - All Those Words Defined!

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Here's an alphabetic list of many of the terms used in the craft of cardmaking (and scrapbooking in some cases), and definitions for each. If you're still unsure, please do not hesitiate to contact me! Send me a message and if it comes to my attention that the list needs updating then I will do so. I hope you find the following list useful.

A card with a window. This can be square, oval or any number of shapes and allows you to neatly display and frame something from the other side of the card.

Grams per Square Metre. Useful for considering the quality of the card and relates to the thickness. However, it should be noted that darker colour ink pigments weigh more, so a black card may have a slightly higher gsm than a white card, while still being the same thickness.

Ink Pads
For use with rubber stamps, ink pads can come in hundreds of different colours. You can also get different types such as glitter based, pearlescent, embossing and adhesive, all for different effects and purposes.

Mulberry Papers
This is a kind of craft paper, usually hand made, which has a degree of texture to it, often due to embedded strands of plant fibre. It is a more natural type of paper and is often dyed for affect.

Peel-Off Stickers
Peel-off stickers, or peel-offs, are sheets of outline stickers of all sorts of designs and colours. While most are either gold or silver, an increasing amount of various coloured sheets are becoming available, where previously silver stickers could be coloured with markers to suit requirement. Designs include written messages ('Happy Birthday', 'Congratulations', etc.), relative names, letters, numbers and pictures. Sheets are usually a standard sized of around 10x23cm and thus folders can be bought to house sheets and separate them into categories.

When a card comes already cut and folded, ready to use.

When a card comes flat (usually already cut to the correct size), with the necessary scoring already made, making it easy to fold the card for use.

Usually made with rubber, stamps can be used in all sorts of ways to create centre-pieces, patterns and borders for cards. They can be used with limitless colours and types of different ink.

Card toppers are often hand-crafted centre-pieces which are used to form the cards design. They can be all sorts of things, from designs of a baby's rattle to a birthday cake and are often made from card, papers and fabrics and enhanced with beads, sequins, etc.

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