Care of books for keeps or for sale

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When owning a book, PLEASE, do not put your name on the inside cover. This de-values the book significantly. This also refers to putting price stickers/labels on them when trying to sell them through a car-boot sale or similar.

If you feel the need to price up your book, my suggestion is to either write it on a bookmark, or put the whole book into a clear plastic bag, and then write on the bag.

There is nothing worse than finding "that" book you have been looking for to complete your collection, and finding that a sticker (that either tears itself/leaves a sticky mark or worse, tears the book!) has been used, or even that someone has written their name on the inside cover.

I once even found a book for sale with someones own personal review on the inside cover ("super read, I couldn't put it down") I nearly choked, it was a first edition!.

If you are storing books on a bookcase, they get as dusty as everything else. Once a week use the bristle end of your vacuum hose and brush them lightly.

If storing them for "keepsake" or "investment", please, please, please do not store them in the garage or shed. The damage that damp creates is almost irreversible! It crinkles the pages, and turns the pages of information, into nothing but bonfire fuel. I have found that wrapping them in newspaper and putting the whole thing into a plastic bag keeps it in top condition.

Maybe some people don't think that this is important, but as a trader in new and second hand books, I feel that my point is valid, and I hope that some others agree with me.

So please, help stop the desecration of information.

On a final note, buy a book mark. Dog ears are not in fashion.


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