Careing Ebay

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Having just spent a few minutes reading the posting about ebay not careing I feel I have to write and tell of my experience.

My name and password were high-jacked by some not so bright sparks in the U.S.A. who bragged they were selling goods and sending me the bill.

Sure enough upon checking my account there I was selling all sorts of stuff, none of which belonged to me.

I contacted Ebay through the correct channels and of course threatened not to pay the account etc.

Went to the live talk section and was invited to state my problem whilst the person ended her prveious case, sure enough after a wait of about 10 minutes ( I was warned of the wait ) this lady came and spoke to me on line with typed words.

She then ask if I could take incoming calls whilst I was on line, certainly I said and she ask and was given my home phone number, within 2 minutes my phone rang ( slight deviation here, this voice conjoured up the most beautiful image ) and the lady simply confirmed that I was who I claimed, please note I live in England and this beautiful voice was most certainly American, as soon as this was established we went back to typed conversation, I presume so there was a record of what was happening.

Still talking to me she confirmed that my tiny account had been high-jacked and in an instant removed the goods that were there, requested I find a more secure password and gave me total satisfaction.

Since then I have had a very silly english woman mess up an auction and with little effort she was removed from Ebay.

So in summing up, whilst no doubt there are some horror stories out there in my case nothing but praise.



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