Caring for your Acrylic Product

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Use warm water and a mild detergent (washing-up liquid or shampoo are ideal). Immerse the item in the warm water and wipe gently with a clean cloth before rinsing thoroughly. Then carefully dry the item with a lint-free tea-towel/cloth. Do not use paper towels.

If rubbed too harshly any dirt left on the surface may cause scratches.

DO NOT USE ammonia based products, solvents, window cleaners, thinners, acetones, petrol, or kitchen scourers.

With Mirror Acrylic, extra care is needed to protect the backing. Any scratches to this will remove the mirrored finish.


Micro-fibre cloths are perfect for polishing acrylic, and car-interior polish works very well.

Do not use furniture or window polish, and make sure the product is suitable for use on plastic.

Removing surface scratches

For light scratches, use a buffing compound such as car wax, or a good fine-grit product such as Novus 2 and 3, and lightly buff the item until the scratches disappear.

This method can also be applied to the front surface of Mirror Acrylic, but care is needed to avoid damaging the back (the mirrored surface)whilst buffing the front.

If looked after, Acrylic will continue to look as good as new for many years.

Acrylic can break if dropped, but otherwise is quite resilient, with the added benefit that it won't shatter like glass.

However, it is important to KEEP ALL ACRYLIC ITEMS AWAY FROM HEAT. In extreme cases, Acrylic can go floppy if left too near a heat source.


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