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Tools i use to clean wheels.
Alloy Wheel Cleaning Guide

For weekly washing sealed wheels, a bucket of warm water, shampoo and detailing brushes will suffice in cleaning wheels. Take 10-20 minutes each week to wash down your wheels and they will look new for many years.

 If this is not the case follow below... 

Tools needed:
Cleaner/Degreaser Pre Wash
Wheel cleaner
Various cleaning brushes.
Bucket with warm soapy water

*Ensure wheels and brakes are cool before cleaning.
Cleaning hot wheels/brakes can cause damage from staining and even brake disc damage due to forced cooling of the disc using cold water.

Layered in brake dust!
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If the wheels suffer from heavy brake dust, give a thorough rinse or apply a pre wash product to help loosen excess dirt and grime.

Cleaner/Degreaser being applied as a pre wash
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In this picture you can see the pre wash being applied via a pressure sprayer pump.
Pre wash left to dwell
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The pre wash is left to dwell for 2 minutes before being rinsed.
Wheel cleaner being worked into the alloy
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The non acidic wheel cleaner is now applied using a foaming trigger spray. I use a foaming sprayer as it allows the product to cling to the surface for longer than a conventional trigger spray.


The product is ''worked in'' using a large detail brush and then left to ''work'' for two minutes.
Long handles wheel brush making use
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In this stage a long handled wheel brush is used to get right inside of the rim. 
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The final result! A glossy, slick finish.
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