Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - you don't have to suffer

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If any of you are unfortunate enough to develop the condition known as CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME, I can truely sympathise as I had this in both wrists.  Now however, with the aid of surgery, I am rid of this debilitating condition.  I did not know anything about this condition until I had it - so I would like to pass on to you a few hints and tips but do remember that I am not a Doctor and you should seek medical help if you think you may have any problems.

So there is light at the end of this painful Tunnel!

So what were my First symptoms  ?

  • Pins and needles sensation in the fingers
  • Numbness in the fingers
  • Pain in the wrist when moved
  • Shooting pains from hand to finger tips
  • Pain similar to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

You must of course remember that any or all of the above does not categorically mean you have developed this condition - you must discuss this with your Doctor.  Do not wait months before going to see your Doctor - you have nothing to be afraid of.

What did the Doctor do ?

Well, I was sent for test with a Specialist.  The testing consisted of being connected to a computer with a few wires.  These sent minor electric pulses down the nerves from wrist to fingers and then in reverse.  The computer could then measure how much the nerve was receiving and sending.

  • This does not hurt!  It sends a tingle down the nerve and makes you jump a little.
  • You will not have any marks/scars from this

What can happen next?

Once diagnosed, your Doctor will advise the next best step for you.  For me, I had anti-inflamatory tablets , Cortisone injections and rest.  Other suggestions included:

  • Splinting the wrist 
  • Acupuncture

Some people find that the condition is greatly helped with all/some of the above and sometimes no further intervention is needed.

But what can you do if these don't work?

Well, of course you must discuss the best course of action for you with your GP.  For me - unfortunately I had got to the pointof no return and had to have surgery.

Carpel Tunnel Release

I had both wrists done (not at the same time!) - and am pleased with the results.  Basically the 'Carpel Tunnel' is a channel running up the centre of your wrist and when this becomes inflamed, it sqeezes the radial nerve and thats what gives you the pins & needles etc!

A few things about the Operation

  • It is done under Local Anaesthetic (you don't feel any pain )
  • You can have a bandage the size of a boxing glove!  (I did)
  • You don't normally stay in hospital ( Out the same day)
  • Take your painkillers but the after pain is not too bad
  • Stitches came out about 10 days after surgery
  • You will have difficulty pulling your knickers up!
  • Ladies, you will learn how to put on your bra with one hand! ( I perfected laying the bra on the bed and sort of falling backwards into it!)
  • You will be amazed what you can do with one hand!
  • There are no guarantees but most operations are successful

But most of all - it worked for me!!!

So, if you think you may have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - Go and see your Doctor!


There is nothing to be afraid of!


Please remember that I am not a medical professional and these are simply my experiences and tips that I hope will help you and lay any fears to rest.


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