Carpet underlay our guide to buying online & saving ££s

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We always recommend buying the best quality carpet underlay and gripper that you can afford,Using Duralay, Tredaire or Cloud 9 will greatly improve the feel of your carpet as well as helping it to keep its new appearance. Remember even a cheap carpet underlay is better than no carpet underlay.As you are already reading an Ebay guide to carpet underlay you probably already know about the huge savings that you will make if you buy your new carpet underlay online rather than in one of the large national carpet chains who continue to charge extortionate rates for their carpet underlay carpet gripper and carpet accessories. Before choosing your carpet underlay, 1. bare in mind how long you would like your new carpet underlay to last(you may want to move in a year or you may wish to change your carpet to laminate as your children grow older. 2 who will be getting the benefit from it ie are you renting your property with a veiw to buying soon or will you be letting your home soon etc, and which area you would like it for ie stairs , bedroom , lounge etc Buying carpet underlay can still be quite a minefield if you have never bought before or are not sure of the various types, uses and qualities available. We get daily questions about carpet underlay so we thought we would write this guide to help domestic consumers. Which carpet underlay should I use? There are numerous manufacturers of carpet underlay all making many Brands of underlay for various customers, There are three main types of domestic carpet underlay to choose from. 1.The traditional rubber waffle type carpet underlay which is still great value and has good all round thermal, accoustic and cushioning properties. Used in all domestic area and some lighter commercial areas. Positives they last well normally 5-15 years and price negatives they will break down if too light a quality is used in a heavy traffic area and eventually will perish given the natural properties of rubber. 2. The newer type foam PU carpet underlay which is made from recycled foam off cuts from various sources are a great green product which provide the highest tog rating of all carpet underlays (i.e. will keep the heat in and the drafts out the best), these type of underlay will also give the best underfoot softness.Positives normally guaranteed for the lifetime of your carpet, ideal for use over underfloor heating, great comfort ratings, negatives price always a bit more expensive than rubber types. 3. The brand new PE type foam underlay which is a cellular type foam carpet underlay,which is very cheap and easy to handle, the rolls are also easy to cut and fit, this type of underlay is ideal for those on a budget or for landlords with large houses which need to be covered at a low cost.
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