Cat Flap Questions Answered!

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Cat flaps are a great way to give your cat more freedom and independence to explore their neighbourhood.  Small and simple to use,  cat flaps can be installed easily and offer a secure way for your cat to come and go as he pleases.  But there are some things you should keep in mind before purchasing and installing an entrance for your cat.  Here are the most frequently asked questions we hear about cat flaps:

Are cat flaps expensive?
No! While many people still perceive cat flaps to be expensive, they are actually surprisingly affordable, with some models costing less than £15.

How easy are cat flaps to install?
Although installation will vary from home to home, in general the process is quite simple.  Most cat flaps will come with instructions to help you with installation and you won´t need more than a measuring tape, pencil, drill, saw and sandpaper to create the hole in which to fit the cat flap.  Be sure to pay attention to the exact placement of your cat flap to ensure that it is at a height that is comfortable for your cat to use.

Can I install a cat flap on a glass door?
Cat flaps can be fitted in a glass door in much the same way as in a wooden door,  however it is recommended that you contact a glazier to help you,  as replacing an entire glass pane due to accidental breakage can be expensive!  Cat flaps cannot be fitted to doors with double glazed or toughened glass panels. m

Can I install a cat flap on a PVC door?
Yes, although the process is a littler trickier than with a single panel wood door.  You will usually need to remove the panels from the door, cut out the holes and then reassemble the door before installing the cat flap.  You will also need to buy a cat flap that is thick enough for the depth of the door.

How do I know other cats won't use my cat flap?
Magnetic and infra red cat flaps can only be opened by a 'key' worn by your cat on their collar.  The key is programmed with the correct signal to open the cat flap, and the chances of two keys opening the same cat flap is very slim.

Won't my cat flap let in a draft?
Good quality cat flaps are designed to be weatherproof, and feature seals that keep out drafts and rain.

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