Cat Toys are for More than Just Fun!

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An active cat is a healthy cat.  Cats are naturally curious and playful animals and love new things to frolic around with.  But did you know that providing cats with toys to play with is also great for their health? 

Playing is how young animals learn new skills such as co-ordination, hunting and balance,  so it is especially important to provide a new kitten with toys that can help with their physical development.  Small furry mice or balls are great toys for kittens to improve their co-ordination,  although they do look cute while they are in the falling-over stage!

Of course this doesn´t mean that the fun should end when your cat gets older.  Playing with toys can help to keep your cat physically and mentally active.  Choose toys that will stimulate your cat and prevent them from getting bored.  Small cat toys that can be rolled, tossed or chased are great for bringing out the predator in your cat, allowing them to exercise their natural urge to pounce, trap and chew.  Choose toys that have catnip included for maximum excitement for your pet.

Dangling toys are another irresistible temptation for cats,  and can get them jumping and stretching. Poles with a small toy dangling at the end are a fun way for owner and pet to interact and play together.  If your cat has become a bit lazy and is in need of some exercise,  get him moving again by tempting him with this kind of toy.

To make sure your cat doesn´t get bored while you are not around, consider a cat activity centre, a scratching tree with play areas, rustling tunnels or bags or a free standing toy that your cat can enjoy on his own.  Toys that are on springs, or suspended in some way are ideal for independent play.

For safety, always buy toys that are specially designed for cats, and don't leave your cat playing unsupervised with a brand new toy.

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