Cat Tree Benefits

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Cats love to climb, claw and caper around in their environment.  They are never happier than when they have somewhere great to explore, except maybe when they have somewhere great to sleep! A cat activity centre is an ideal addition to any home where cats are kept, as it provides them with a multitude of areas to keep them happy and entertained.

Cat activity centres are usually designed with several levels, allowing your cat to jump, climb and explore.  Higher levels offer a place for your cat to sit and watch the world go by, satisfying the nosy parker that lives inside most cats! 

Tunnels are also a feature of many cat activity centres.  These may be soft and ideal for your cat to rustle around in, or structured, letting your cat try out his climbing skills.  Both types of tunnels provide exercise and amusement for your cat.

If your cat likes to find cosy spaces to curl up in, then look for a cat activity centre that includes a cubby hole designed to give your cat his own private space to sleep and rest away from the stresses of the world.

Most cat activity centres are made of sisal or carpet, which provides a complex scratching post for your cat.  Cats are naturally curious creatures so there shouldn´t be any trouble in encouraging your pet to play in his new adventure area.  The fact that he is allowed to scratch this new piece of furniture to his heart´s content will only make it even more appealing!

Try to choose a cat activity centre that will suit your cat.  If he likes to spend time perched in high places, then look for a cat activity centre that has some high levels.  If he loves to play with toys,  pick a cat activity centre that has some dangling play elements built in.  Or if he just likes to laze around, choose a cat activity centre that offers him a nice cosy place to sleep.  With so many varieties to choose from you are bound to find a cat activity centre that is perfect for your pet.

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