Cat accessories- a beginners guide

Like if this guide is helpful

This guide will hopefully help you to know a little bit more about looking after and caring for your new pet.

Accessories you will need:                                                                                     *a litter tray                                                                                                          * 2 packs of litter tray bags                                                                                      * a litter tray scoop                                                                                                 * cat food                                                                                                                *food mat                                                                                                                 * food bowls                                                                                                    *litter                                                                                                                    *water                                                                                                                   *toys  

After your cat is allowed outside install a cat flap into the back/front door or your home, it may take some getting used to as your cat wont know whats it's for at the begging.

Please get your pet chiped and get it a name tag with either your address on or your mobile number.

If you pet isnt looking to good or is limping around take him/her into your local vets to get checked out.

Get plenty of toys for it to play with during the day as cats can quite easily get bored.

remember sudden movments may startle  your new pet so be carefull.



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