Cat climbers!!

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Picking a cat toy

Cats love climbing and sleeping so what is better for a cat this Christmas than to get than a climbing toy as a present.
Make sure the climbing toy you pick is sturdy at the bottom- it may look sturdy for a kitten but remeber your cat will grow!!
Make sure it has lots of levels if you have more than one cat so they can all play together and with the toy at once failing that buy two!!
Look out for scratch posts-cats love scratching and it can help to save your furniture from getting destroyed by cat scratches!!
Pick a cat climber that goes up tall that way it also saves room
Cats love being nosy so if you can place the climber by a window
Our cats dont tend to use the climber for playing with the attached balls/fish so we have cut them off as it just gets in the way of their climbing and sleeping.
Cats and Kittens also like to play and dig outside so watch out for muddy paw prints and maybe invest in a darker toy!!
Also make sure it is easy to hoover off as cats hair does tend to get stuck on fabrics!!
there are so many fantastic toys for cats to get so they can be extremly spoilt this christmas!!!




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