Catchphrase DVD

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Say what you see

And I say this is great, good all round family entertainment, everybody will join in and love this game from Granny to grumpy teenager it is a winner. Based on the TV show played via your dvd remote for two players or two teams. Plus with this edtion you get a bonus game with 192 catch phrase cards you can draw what you see for your rivals to guess. All good clean family fun.

So if you have a special family gathering coming up and are stuck for after dinner fun give it a go, or if its just a rainy sunday afternoon and youve seen all the films showing again give it a go you will not regret it.

Even if you never watched catch phrase (where were you) you will quickly pick this game up every clue is a popular or common catch phrase or saying. This will appear on your TV screen acted out by a short amination, the aim of the game is to guess the clue correctly to gain points. So simple all the family can join in hence the saying SAY WHAT YOU SEE.

So go on give it a go

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