Cateracts responding to access figures and light

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Everyone with normal eyesight with look at this article and sigh with exasperation; the problem is, they will be here in this same very soon. When a person has had a CATERACT operation; I have had both eyes operated on, therefore the situation has to be viewed in a totaly different way. In the first place the solution that is injected behind the lens desolves the protein that clouds the eyes, it also destroyes the muscles that operate the front of the eye, so the automatic focus that you enjoy ceases to exist. With this in the forefront of my mind and having been a General Manager in a software company I know the reluctance of the think tanks that come up with brilliant ideas, but don't hit the mark, hence this article.  What everyone has to become aware of is that what I view is subtley different in a number of ways.  I can see colour a hundred times better than a 60 year old with glasses.  I have brilliant vision, I can see hundreds of yards in detail, but with glasses on I can see in fantastic detail, Believe it, I can see the bricks in a wall in perfect detail,  but I prefer not to have something perched on my nose. The crux of the  problem I have is focus, normal eyes look,  focus automatically, people with plastic lenes don't, they look, then focus, this is a mechanical gesture, rather than one that is a genetically automatic response in normal eyesight. Another factor with condition is LIGHT masses of it, daylight is grand, with it I can read newspapers, and anything else, I can even obliterate flies that get into my kitchen, all without the implied implication that I might need glasses. Here is the problem, when several numerical numbers are printed they are not clear, in any shape or fashion, When I am asked to identify these and then replicate them in the box provided I always get these numbers  wrong, because my plastic eyes are unable to see up close the imperfections within the figures,. If I make the obligatory four or five mistakes the picture becomes clearer, this leads us to the penultimate question, by which you are straining in you seats to answer, what is the point of it if it only becomes easier! The final question straining at this particular leash is, are the think tank going to take any notice of this, I think not, they know it all, so why rock the boat and get ignored!

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