Caution buying internal & external (usb) drive disks

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I have bought  both an internal hard drive  and an external (usb connected ) hard drive.

The internal drive  was a 160gb unit from a seller in the UK.  I knew that it was second hand but did not realise  just how much.

It failed totally after about 18 months service  and  an IT man checked it out and found that it had done thousands of hours of service.  He thought it had probably come from a scrapped server; in other words  a 24 -7  job working  flat out.


The external -usb connected drive was a 30 gb unit from a  seller in Hong Kong.  When it arrived, and was checked ( I had assumed it was all-new )  the disk had a virus on it.  It was cleaned up but failed after 5 months service.  Again, the IT man thought  the enclosure was probably new but the disk was probably salvaged from an old ( and infected) lap-top .

I have decied to buy these units from reputable UK sellers in future and stick to factory-sealed.

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