Celtic Ring Buying Guide

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Celtic Ring Buying Guide

Not much is known about the original Celtic peoples of Europe since they kept no written records and were pushed out of Europe first by the Romans, and then by the Germanic peoples moving west. Eventually, the remaining Celts were confined to Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Much of what is known about the original Celts comes from their artwork. Many Celtic pieces contained intricate scrollwork that is unique and distinct from other cultural artefacts.

The descendants of the Celts in the British Isles, especially in Ireland, have long been using the old Celtic style of crafting jewellery, especially rings. Today, there are many beautiful rings made in the Celtic style that are popular with people of all cultures as well. These rings are available in jewellery stores as well as on eBay, where users have access to a very wide selection. When buying a Celtic ring, it is helpful to be aware of the various styles offered, as well as the metals a ring might be made from. Taking these factors into consideration make buying the perfect Celtic ring for any occasion a simple and easy matter.

Celtic Ring Styles

Since Celtic rings feature such interesting and beautiful designs and patterns, not typically found on any other kind of jewellery. They are extremely popular as wedding rings, especially for those of Irish or Welsh descent. While there are many variations within Celtic rings, as some have gemstones and others do not, there are some distinct styles that most Celtic rings are made in. Many rings contain a number of symbols, like knots, Celtic crosses, Celtic spirals and variations on the ancient sun and moon symbols.

Knotted Rings

The Celtic knot is one of the most unique and enduring designs of Celtic artwork. Many pieces of Celtic jewellery unearthed in archaeological digs is thousands of years old, but still features this striking knot pattern. In rings, the knotwork is designed to have neither beginning nor end, even if the knots themselves are divided into segments. For this reason, knotted rings are extremely popular as wedding rings, since the knot is meant to symbolise everlasting love and devotion.

Circular Knots

Knots that feature a circular shape or pattern emphasise the idea of eternity and endurance. These knots are also used to symbolise repetition or continuity, such as in the case of seasons and annual events and festivals.

Square Knots

Knots that feature a square shape or pattern, have their own interesting symbolism. Each side of a square represents strength or stability. Wearing a wedding ring featuring a square knot pattern is meant to transfer these qualities to the relationship and marriage union.

Trinity Knots

Trinity knots are perhaps the most popular form of Celtic knot. This knot is an important and ancient symbol and over the millennia has come to refer to the Holy Trinity sacred to Christians. This connection further emphasises the idea of eternity and everlasting love, especially for those who wish for a religious aspect to their marriage.

Rings Featuring Gaelic Writing

Some Celtic rings feature writing, sometimes along with other Celtic symbols, instead of knots. This writing is almost always in Gaelic, the language of the Celtic peoples of Ireland. For the most part, the words found on a ring are short phrases that, when translated, convey sentiments of love and devotion. It is a great benefit to understand the popular phrases found on Celtic rings.

Gaelic Phrase

English Translation

Mo Anam Chara

My Soul Mate

Chara Mo Anam

Friend of My Soul

Gra Geal Mo Chroi

Bright Love of My Heart

Gra Go Deo

Love Forever

Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas

Love, Loyalty, Friendship

In many cases, Celtic symbols are used as a means of spacing the words on a ring with Gaelic writing.

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are very popular and visible Celtic rings. The design features a heart with a crown above it and hands on either side. The Claddagh ring has been featured in a number of films and television shows, even such diverse ones as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Claddagh rings are highly versatile, meaning that they can be used to symbolise a simple friendship, or function as an engagement or wedding ring.

Meanings of Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings can also be worn by both men and women. The meaning of a Claddagh ring is determined by how it is worn. If the ring is worn on the left hand, it means that the wearer is married. If the ring is worn on either hand, and the heart is facing the wearer, that signifies that the wearer is in a committed relationship. The hand it is worn on determining the level of relationship. If the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing away, the wearer acknowledges friendship and romantic possibilities with the person who gave them the ring, but there is no commitment.

Celtic Ring Construction

Like with most jewellery, Celtic rings are made using a variety of metals and construction techniques. Since Celtic rings are a very popular form of wedding rings, they can be made from highly prized metals such as gold or even platinum, along with less expensive metals as well.


As is the case with all gold jewellery, there are many degrees of quality and colour when it comes to gold. Each piece of gold jewellery is made using either pure gold or a mixture of gold and other metals, such as silver or copper. The content of gold in an individual piece of jewellery is measured in karats. 24K gold is considered at, or near pure gold. Anything with a lower number of karats has a lower quantity of gold in the mixture. Popular karats for jewellery include 14K and 18K.

Gold Colour

When gold is mixed with other metals, the colour of the gold can change. Gold that maintains its original colour is known as yellow gold. Gold mixed with copper and other metals can take on a reddish hue that is known as rose gold. Gold mixed with silver or zinc, nickel, and palladium, becomes the extremely popular white gold. White gold can, at times become more expensive than yellow gold due to the price of silver or palladium.


Platinum is a very heavy, durable metal that is also rare and valuable. For this reason, Celtic rings made from platinum, are typically very expensive and rare. Still, platinum rings are nearly all platinum as the metal is seldom mixed with other metals. The only real drawback to platinum rings is that they lose their lustre after a time and this lustre is difficult to regain, although many people prefer a less shiny ring.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a popular and inexpensive metal for jewellery. While it is not as popular for wedding rings, Celtic rings designed to symbolise friendship or a growing relationship are often made from sterling silver. Like anything made of silver, Celtic rings made from sterling silver can potentially tarnish over time.

Tungsten Carbide

Many men do not want a wedding ring made from traditional jewellery metals like gold and silver. For them, jewellers have been making rings made from tungsten carbide. These rings have a darker grey colour that can be polished to a brilliant shine. Tungsten is a very hard metal, and usually resists scratching. The drawback to this hardness is that it cannot be easily resised. In fact, most jewellers simply provide a different sized identical ring when the wearer finds that a ring is too large or too small. When buying online, it is important to know ring size before purchasing a Celtic ring made of tungsten carbide.

Buying a Celtic Ring on eBay

Due to the fact that sellers from all over the world can ply their wares on eBay, there is an astonishing selection of Celtic rings available. These rings come in many different styles, and make use of various symbols and knot designs. The Celtic rings found on eBay are made from a variety of metals, and can be both new and used. Since Celtic rings are a small, yet popular segment of the jewellery market, the most efficient way to find them on eBay is to enter in a search term like 'Celtic ring' into the search bar on the eBay home page.

Things to Consider

When buying a piece of jewellery like a Celtic ring on eBay, it is important to evaluate each ring before making a purchase. Factors to consider include size, metal quality and whether or not the ring contains gemstones, as well as the quality and value of each gem. If the ring is not the right size, it needs to be taken to a jeweller in order to be sized properly, which can be costly. If the metal or gemstone quality is not up the your standards, this can prove disappointing. For this reason, it is always important to read all product descriptions, and seller feedback, to get a clear picture of what you are buying and who you are buying it from.


A Celtic ring is a unique way to express cultural identity, or to simply present a beautiful gift or wedding present to a loved one. The designs found in a Celtic ring have several thousand years of history behind them, and are one of the lasting legacies of a once widespread people. Celtic rings commonly feature Celtic knotwork, which is a design meant to signify the continuity of life and love. For this reason, Celtic rings are extremely popular throughout the world as wedding rings, engagement rings, or rings meant to signify the start of a romantic relationship. Along with knots, Celtic rings can also feature Gaelic phrases meant to convey romantic meanings or other ancient Celtic symbols. Claddagh rings are very popular Celtic rings that have different meanings depending on how they are worn. Celtic rings are made with a number of different metals, making them perfect as wedding rings, engagements rings, or causal rings for both men and women.

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