Challenging Projects That Are No Problem for Cordless Drills

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Challenging Projects That Are No Problem for Cordless Drills

A cordless drill has become an essential tool in the collection of those who do their own home improvement work. Whether assembling a wooden bench for an English garden or building a deck for a Yorkshire country house, no project is too challenging for a cordless drill. This tool makes quick work of a variety of different projects, and home improvement enthusiasts are likely to get a great deal of use out of one over many years.

In addition to the mobility advantage that a cordless drill has over a corded one, there are many other aspects of cordless drills that make them ideally suited to tackle difficult tasks. Understanding why cordless drills make easy work of challenging projects helps consumers know what to look for when purchasing these tools. Consumers should also understand how cordless drills can tackle a few common challenging projects. eBay is a good source from which to buy cordless drills, and understanding the benefits of these tools helps consumers shop successfully on the site.

Why Cordless Drills Make Easy Work of Challenging Projects

A cordless drill is an essential tool because it makes easy work of numerous challenging projects. Being familiar with the key parts and features of cordless drills helps consumers understand why these tools are advantageous for many types of work. Various elements, such as the battery, the clutch, the handle, the chuck, speed, different drill types, and different bit types, make cordless drills powerful, precise, versatile, and efficient.

The Battery

A cordless drill's battery is its power source and therefore a very important feature. The battery gives a cordless drill its torque, and the higher the voltage the more torque the drill has. The lower end of the voltage range is generally 9.6 volts, though it is possible to buy lower-voltage drills and battery packs. Cordless drills can come with batteries up to 24 volts. A battery with higher voltage is ideal for projects that require a great deal of torque, such as those that employ long screws or use hardwood. Consumers should remember that more powerful batteries are also larger than less powerful ones and generally weigh more as a result.

In addition to power level, the battery type can vary. Under the same conditions, Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries run longer than Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries do. NiCad batteries operate better at lower temperatures, though. Whichever type of battery a consumer chooses, he or she should make sure to also purchase a backup battery. Losing power and having to wait for a single battery to recharge while working on a project can be quite frustrating.

The Clutch

While it is good to have power for many types of projects, too much power can strip the slot on the head of a screw and make it unusable. Many cordless drills therefore feature a clutch. This enables users to set a certain resistance level, above which the drive shaft of the drill disengages, and the drill stops turning. So long as the clutch is set to the right level, a cordless drill cannot overtorque and strip screws. Some cordless drills feature different clutch settings.

The Handle

The handle on many cordless drills points downwards, making the drill look like a pistol. Older models tend to place the handle behind the motor and battery, while newer models usually put it below the motor and attach the battery pack to the bottom of the handle. In both cases, the handle of a cordless drill gives its user excellent control over the tool. It provides good balance for drilling, helping to ensure that users drill screws accurately. The handle placement on older models of cordless drills can make them easier to use in tighter spaces since the battery pack is less likely to interfere.

The Chuck

The chuck holds the drill bit, and it has a couple specifications that influence a cordless drill's performance. The chuck can either be keyed or keyless. A keyed chuck requires a key to open and close it when changing drill bits, and a keyless chuck does not. A keyless chuck is therefore preferable for a project that requires frequent changing of drill bits. Consumers may prefer a keyed chuck for drilling into metal, where the extra grip helps ensure that the bit does not slip.

The second important chuck specification is size. Many chucks have a diameter of 3/8". It is also possible to purchase a cordless drill with a chuck that has diameter of 1/2". The larger diameter can hold more robust drill bits that are well-suited for masonry projects.


The speed at which a cordless drill operates is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the rpm, the faster the drill operates. Some drills have multiple speed settings, making these drills more versatile. Higher speed turns the drill bit more quickly, which can result in quicker driving of screws and drilling of holes. Lower speed provides more torque, which is useful for working with harder materials, drilling larger holes, or driving long screws.

Different Drill Types

Consumers have a few options when it comes to cordless drill types. The table below describes the different types of cordless drills.




Pistol-shaped; no enhanced features or special operation; useful for many different types of projects


Performs same functions as standard cordless drill, plus hammering action of the drill bit; useful for masonry projects

Rotary Hammer

Subtype of hammer drills; uses a piston rather than a clutch to rotate the drill bit during hammering action; bores into hard objects more efficiently


Shorter body; vice replaces chuck for holding drill bit, providing enhanced grip and torque; enhanced control useful for fine carpentry

Standard cordless drills have the features that users need to complete most projects. Those with special requirements may need a hammer, rotary hammer, or an impact drill.

Different Bit Types

Using a cordless drill to successfully complete challenging projects requires familiarity with different bit types, in addition to knowing the important elements of cordless drills. The following section provides an overview of the different bit types to familiarise buyers with what is available.


Driving screws requires either Phillips head or flat head bits, depending on the type of head the screws have. The slots on screw heads also vary in size, so it is important to have a collection of different size screw bits.


Boring bits, also known as spade bits or paddle bits, are for making round cuts into wood. They have a sharp, protruding tip in the middle that two pointed wings flank. This design enables users to keep boring bits centred as they create holes in wood.


Countersink bits are for drilling narrow pilot holes for screws. The bits themselves have a small chuck that enables users to change drill sizes.


Twist bits are for drilling basic holes into wood, plastic, or metal. They vary in diameter for drilling different size holes, and they are made of low carbon or high carbon steel. The latter is more expensive but capable of drilling into metal.


Masonry bits have a carbide tip that makes for more powerful cutting. They are specifically designed for drilling holes in masonry and are not for use with any other type of material, including wood, plastic, or metal.

Challenging Projects to Tackle with a Cordless Drill

As long as consumers are familiar with the important aspects of cordless drills, they can use these tools to tackle a number of challenging projects. Among the more common of such projects are installing cabinets and shelves, furniture projects, installing a ceiling fan, hanging drywall, and building a deck. These projects all vary in scope, but they are significantly easier with a cordless drill in hand.

Installing Cabinets and Shelves

Installing cabinets and shelves is a difficult task without the power of a cordless drill. Harnessing this power makes this type of project go much more quickly, and it is significantly less tiring than it is with a screwdriver in hand. Being cordless is also advantageous for installing cabinets and shelves away from an electric outlet. This type of project does not require a great deal of power, so cordless drills with batteries of lower voltages work well. The reduced weight of such drills makes the work easier on users.

Furniture Projects

A cordless drill is well-suited to various types of furniture projects. Many pieces of furniture purchased in shops require users to assemble them. These pieces of furniture often come with many screws and screw types vary. A cordless drill makes quick work of the assembly process, and users can switch screw bits as necessary.

Skilled carpenters sometimes create their own pieces of furniture. Cordless drills work well for this too because carpenters can use these tools to both drill holes and drive screws. Some pieces of furniture require fine carpentry, making impact cordless drills ideal for these projects.

Installing a Ceiling Fan

It is possible to install a ceiling fan using a screwdriver or a corded drill. This project is easier with a cordless drill, though, because a cordless drill provides more power than a screwdriver does without a cord to get in the way. Ceiling fans can be quite heavy, so it is beneficial to have the torque of a cordless drill to ensure that screws are sufficiently fastened to prevent the ceiling fan from crashing to the floor.

Hanging Drywall

Hanging drywall is a large project, and it requires a cordless drill. There are many screws and numerous different types of them to set. An electrical outlet may not be handy, making battery power essential. The clutch on a cordless drill is also important for setting screw heads to sit right underneath the surface of the drywall paper when setting sheets of drywall. The clutch enables users to set a low resistance threshold so that they do not drive screws too deeply.

Building a Deck

Building a deck is another challenging project that becomes much easier with the aid of a cordless drill. Since a deck is outdoors, consumers may find that an electrical outlet is not readily available. A cordless drill's battery, therefore, becomes crucial. The battery should also have high voltage for driving large, long screws. Those looking to build their own decks must also drill many holes, making the quick interchanging of bits necessary. A cordless drill can thus make quicker and more convenient work of this big project.

How to Buy a Cordless Drill on eBay

It is possible to buy a cordless drill from a variety of sources, including local and online hardware shops. eBay is also a good source to buy a cordless drill from. It is easy to search the site for the cordless drill you want, and you can save money by choosing to buy from a local seller.

Searching for Cordless Drills

You can perform a search from any eBay page with the search bar. Enter a term, such as "cordless drill", into the search bar. When you receive the results, choose the most appropriate category to ensure that the listings are related to your search. You can then choose from various other filter options, including the type of cordless drill and the amount of voltage in the battery.

Choosing a Local Seller

You can save money on shipping if you choose a local seller to purchase your cordless drill from. To filter for local sellers, specify the distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located. The closer sellers are located to you, the less shipping of your cordless drill is likely to cost.


Cordless drills help consumers complete challenging projects without a problem because they provide strong power, precise control, and flexibility regarding speed, drilling type, and drill bit type. Challenging projects, such as assembling furniture, hanging drywall, and building a deck, require the kind of power, speed, precision, and versatility that only a cordless drill can provide.

In order to understand how challenging projects are no problem for cordless drills, consumers must understand how the features of cordless drills enable them to work more quickly and efficiently. Consumers should also understand that many of these features are unique to cordless drills. In addition to understanding cordless drill features, consumers should see how these features make completion of specific projects easier.

eBay is a good source from which to buy cordless drills because there is a large selection on the site, enabling consumers to find the drills with the features they need. With good knowledge of cordless drills and how to purchase them on eBay, consumers can make quick work of the challenging projects that lie ahead of them.

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