Changing droplinks first saves you a fortune.

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For many people in the uk with the council never fixing the pot holes car maintenance can be very costly . Your driving down the road and bang hit a pothole then your car develops a knocking noise from your wheels. This can be a costly experience with garages usually replacing the most expensive parts first in a lengthy process of elimination to find what broke.
A inexpensive and fast cure in a lot of cases is to replace your drop links which seem to get overlooked as a main cause when infact is the main cause. Any budding diyer can change these links its just a small bar that sits behind your wheel and is connected by 2 bolts. These drop link bars which hold the rol lbar take a lot of punishment from our roads and are quite delicate and are renowed to braking. You can buy these parts from ebay at little cost £10-£15 for 2 links. and takes 15 mins to fit . So before you remortgage the house to fix the car try this first you might be supprised how easy it is.

Jack car up , remove wheel (support wheel hub) undo droplink top bolt, undo droplink bottom bolt., tap link bar out .Put new bar in do up bottom bolt do up top bolt, put wheel back on , unjack car.. jobs a goodun.
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