Changing from the Titleist 905T to the 905R???

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If you like me have thought about changing from the Titleist 905T driver to the 905R driver read this before you do!

I play off 6 and my driving is my strength I had my 905t for almost 2 years when I saw titleist were bringing out a 905r same pear shap head same shaft options nice new headcover just an upgrade from 410cc to 460cc I saw one in a shop and it looked great, I then bought one in the same spec as my 905T which is 9.5 Stiff fujikura platform shaft, I hit it on the range pretty well a slightly louder sound but the proof of the pudding I always think is on the course and thata where the downfall comes, this time titleist have not brought out 2 versions of the 'R' like they did with the 905S and 905T, the new 'R' goes so much higher than both T and S its a joke, Ive now bought a 7.5 degree which wasnt easy to find and that is perfect, so Im not saying dont buy an 905R please do its a great club just make sure you get fitted rather than just buying one without trying as I guarantee you'll need a lower degree than your current T or S.

Good Luck

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