Changing the Ebay default Sort Order for listings

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What changed ?

Recently ebay changed the way listings are sorted when you search for an item.  Shop inventory formats are no longer supported so there are now a lot more buy-it-now items from ebay shops than private sellers and auctions.

By default now when you search for an item you get the "best match".  It is beyond me how ebay decide what is the best match - it seems totally random or maybe larger shops are getting priority, but anyway it doesn't show me the best prices or auctions ending soonest so every time I was having to change the sort order.  I am sure some people may not have spotted the sort order has changed and may have bought items more expensively than they need to be because they were considered to be the "best match"

How do I change the default sort order ?

To change this default sort order so it is always sorted in the order you want, just do the following:

  1. Search for any items on Ebay and get the default list of matching items up on your screen
  2. On the screen where it shows you the total number of results found, you will see just underneath there is "View As xxxx" and next to it there is [Customise View].  Click on this [Customise View]
  3. A new window will appear - on the left there are 4 options.  Click on "Advanced Options"
  4. Change the "Sort Order in Search" and "Sort Order in Browse" options to your preferred choice and click on save changes

Now whenever you search or browse ebay for items you will be given the list in your chosen default order and not have to change it every time

What is the best sort order ?

Thats totally up to you but one tip - Some sellers still disguise the real cost of an item by selling it cheap and inflating the postage costs.  My preferred sort order is "Price + P&P:  lowest first" as this shows the cheapest items first including what it will cost me in postage.

I hope this guide has been useful.



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