Changing the coins in a Whitman Folder

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Whitman folders, like the one shown above, are a good way to store coins. Each one is held securely in a precision cut hole, but the tight fit can be a problem when it comes to removing them.

Large coins come out relatively easily with a gentle press on the cover behind the coin.

This doesn't always work on small coins because they are gripped so securely that it is all too easy to poke your fingers through the cover when pressing.

You can't use anything to pry them out as this will damage both the folder and the coins.

The answer is to press a small piece of blu-tack onto the coin and pull on that whilst pressing the cover from the other side.
Stubborn coins may need a few tries, but because the method leaves no marks it doesn't matter how many attempts you make.

What if coins keep falling out?

This often happens with large, worn coins because they are fractionally smaller than newly minted ones.

Cut a thin sliver of paper from the sticky part of a post-it note.
Use a suitable blunt object to press the tacky side into the rim of the hole to form a lining.
The weak glue will hold the paper in place while you replace the coin, without making a mess or contaminating the coin.
The coin should now fit securely.

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