Chargeback in paypal

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i recently sold a xbox360 elite + 2 games on ebay ,the buyer paid within a few hrs via paypal , i tranfered the money to my bank acount then posted  the xbox when the funds was safley in my bank.

i used recorded delivery and kept the recipts , and electronic signature is on the royal mail website .

3 weeks after the sale i recieved a email from paypal saying the buyer had filed chargeback for payment of the xbox ( card used without his permision ) , his credit card company had got the £250 from paypal and they think they are getting it back from me .

since then i have sent 4 emails to the seller asking what the problem was with no replys.

when i log into my paypal account it says we see  there is a balace owing to us , click here to resolve .

the balance is saying -£250 .

Firstly i think the buyer is tring to pull a fast one as as whoever brought the xbox knew his paypal pasword and ebay pasword , lived at his house and he never questioned why a xbox turned up on his doorstep untill 3 weeks later .

after a month there was a mesage in paypal asking for the £250 again , i printed everything out and took it to the police station  where i was told there is nothing they can do to force me to pay the £250 , they told me not pay anything because i received the money , he recieved the goods ,he also said it was good to see paypal in this stituation as normaly the seller who is left short untill the case is resolved   it was just a civil matter .

thinking about it now if they could enforce the money back they would not wait for over a month  before doing so

atm he has the xbox + game and his money back from his credit card company

it amazed me that his credit card company just got his money from paypal without questioning anything about it .

Lesson to be learned :-

If you get a chargeback in paypal they have no legal way of getting the money from you , just make sure that you keep proof of postage recipts etc .


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