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Beating The 5p Man

Everybody loves a bargain. There's no denying the rush you get at knowing you got what you wanted or needed for the best possible price.
I do campaigns for BzzAgent and I was asked to write an eBay guide. The first thing I thought of when considering a topic was the 5p Man.
When buying from eBay there is very often the first bid of 1p. This bid is almost always already taken by someone I like to dub "The 5p Man". He takes anything at 1p and bids to 5p to try and get as much as possible for the cheapest.
Personally I think this is a great idea but, unless you plan to re-sell, is a little pointless and a lot like a hording technique.

My advice, if you plan to buy things you need for cheap, is to go to a section rather than searching. For example:
I'm looking for a Bracelet. I go to eBay main Page. I click on Shop By Category and then jewellery and watches.
This brings up many items and you can then click Price + P&P: Lowest First to find the 1p start bids.
You can then choose between costume and fine jewellery and then select bracelets.
If you find exactly what you want you can bid on the one with the shortest time left and possibly watch a couple of others in case you don't win the first item for the right price. This way you don't over pay if you don't have to.

For re-sell I suggest focussing on a select type of item for example jewellery. You can then use the above way of finding items click up to 500 bids at one time. Do not carry on bidding. Keep your bids low and just bid on more items if the price goes up too high.

As with all eBay bids the easiest way bid is to select your optimum price and stick to it. If you overpay you are not getting a bargain!

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