Cheap Chinese Nokia Data Cable knock-offs

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Nokia is the most popular brand of mobile phone - at least in Europe. The Finnish company has been a leader in mobile phone technology since the beginning of the mobile revolution.


Of course then it is to be expected that companies in China want to jump onto the Nokia (/Samsung/Motorola etc) bandwagon. At the moment they are doing this by producting millions of - amongst other things - so-called Nokia data cables. There are several different data cables depending on the phone: A few are: CA-101, DKE-2, CA-70, CA-80, CA-90, CA-42, CA-53, DKU-2, DKU-5, CA-75U.


Now, you need to know that every Nokia data cable is equipped with a chip and it is this chip that your PC (e.g. using Nokia PC Suite) talks to to determine what kind of phone you want to connect to. The problem is that the cheap Chinese cables do not have the correct chip - they use cheaper ones with a different configuration and so you cannot connect to your phone unless you have the driver for your cheapo cable, which you need to install over the Nokia's original drivers. And it may still not work, giving you error messages such as "USB Device not recognised", "Enhancement not supported" etc.


You can waste hours, days, weeks even, trying to get a cheapo cable to work, installing, de-installing, re-installing software and drivers, getting more and more frustrated, spending hours online hunting through googled forums, blogs and websites trying desperately to find a solution to connect your phone to your PC. It took me 5 weeks before the penny dropped and before I realised that the problem lay in the cable, not in my PC, not in my USB1 connector and not in my phone.


There is only one reliable solution: don't buy these cheap Chinese knock-offs - go to your local mobile phone shop and buy a GENUINE NOKIA data cable. It costs more, but will save you so much time. You plug it in, and it works. It's that simple.


So if you are thinking of buying a data cable for your Nokia, Motorola, Samsung or anything else

  • read the description carefully. Make sure it is described as a genuine cable from the manufacturer of your phone. Don't be fooled by "in original box" - I know of one German seller who bought himself a cheap cable, it didn't work, he then bought an original cable and put the cheap cable on ebay truthfully but misleadingly described as "Data cable in original Nokia box". The box was genuine, the cable wasn't.
  • If you are unsure, ask the seller whether the cable is guaranteed to be an original from Nokia/Motorola/Samsung/etc. Genuine Nokia cables have a Nokia sticker on the USB end (some Chinese makes have NOK, NOKA or NK).  
  • Compare the buy-it-now price to that of a genuine cable - if there is a big difference, be very wary.


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