Cheap Chinese products, pit falls with wrong delivered.

Like if this guide is helpful

Thinking of buying products from the East ????

Rule of thumb  states ....   if it seems too good to be true, then it generally is !!!

This though, is not generally true in all cases.

Before you buy from places like China, mainly Hong Kong, Guangzhou, take into account the language problem, when we are busy, we can generally say "im tied up at the moment" the Chinese take this in it's literal form !!

Here is a few tips of how to buy from the east, it just might save you some agro.

Only buy one or two items from a trader at any one time.

Do not spend large amounts on goods with any one trader.


When you have bought from the trader, mail them for an eta for the delivery of you item within 24 hours.

If,  when? the delivery arrives, make sure it is the correct item, quality, or even the actual item you bought, if there is any problem, you need to contact the seller straight away, from there you have several choices !!!!!!!!!

Having read the sellers feedback, if it is all good, then you should not have a problem if something is wrong, there are some honest traders in the East, not all are bad.

But ....If there is bad feedback on communication and refunds, exchanges, you can be somewhat stuck, you either take the seller to task and see what happens, but by doing that you have admitted you have taken delivery of the product, if your honest, which most of us are, then this is the correct course of action, so then you start the slippery road of trying to get an exchange or a refund from someone 8000 miles away, can be quite tuff at times, but can be done, there are tools from Ebay, and paypal to help with this process, but it takes a lot of time ....  or you can just say the item did not arrive !!!!! this helps things move along quicker.

Our Trading partners in the East,do not like to admit that they have made a mistake, so will do their best to pass their mistake onto you, and cut you off and leave you out to dry, no matter how many messages you send them, you are fighting a battle from 8k miles away, and YOU CAN BE IGNORED


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