Cheap Item Expensive Postage PAYPAL Dispute WARNING

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We have all seen it.

USB Webcam       Price £0.01     Postage £15.00

Here, the seller is trying to avoid paying ebay fees, by charging very little for the item and then making up the price with a very high postage cost..

You may say to your self  'Why do I care'  'Im paying the same price' .

If the item is Broken, faulty, or never turns up and you file a Paypal claim, you will only be eligible for 1penny and you will also have to post the items back at your expense..

If the item price is 1p that is all you will get.
Paypal will not refund the postage cost.

Be warned

I bought a webcam with microphone for 99p + £7.00 postage.  Im happy to pay £7.99 for the item.

However, when the item turned up without a microphone, and the seller refused to comment, I naturally filed a claim with Paypal.

After filing the claim the seller responded through paypal saying.
Send the item back and I will refund the purchase price. NOT THE POSTAGE
Of course if you leave bad feedback you get bad feedback....

Purchase Cost £0.99
Postage £7.00

Return Postage £2.00
Refund from Paypal £0.99

Me out of pocket by £9.00 and still no F*&%ing webcam

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