Cheap Samsung Galaxy S3: How to buy a cheap Android phone

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has now been on the market for two years and, since its launch in 2012, has been succeeded by the Galaxy S4 and the most recently, the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S3 is still a great handset, but it’s relative age means you can pick one up on the cheap with relatively little work.

Samsung Galaxy S3
How to buy a cheap Android phone
  1. Why should I be interested?
  2. What to look out for?
    - Locked vs Unlocked
    - Version of Android
    - Take a look around
    - Listen and learn
    - Use the phone
    - Battery life

What is a Cheap Samsung Galaxy S3 and why should I be interested?
Samsung’s Galaxy series of Android smartphones, which first arrived in 2010 have become by far the most popular devices to run the Google powered software.

Now two years old, the Galaxy S3 remains a great option for those smartphone users on a budget who’re looking for more value than offered by the newer flagship devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may have a larger, higher resolution screen, faster processor, improved camera and more, but there’s very little you can do one an S5 than you cannot do on the cheaper S3 device.

With the overwhelming majority of Android apps, games and services available on the S3, its well worth taking a look if your aim is to save money.

Buying a Cheap Samsung Galaxy S3: What to look out for?

Locked vs Unlocked: When mobile networks sell devices under contract they do so to keep you on their tariffs, hence locking the phones to other network’s SIM cards. Ask the seller whether the device is locked to a network other than your own.

If it’s advertised as SIM free, it’ll work with all networks. Otherwise the device can be unlocked after the fact by some retailers and stores. Unlock codes can also be bought online.

Version of Android: One of the issues with Android is the fragmentation of the operating system. The Galaxy S3 launched on Android 4.1, but the latest version is Android 4.4 KitKat. You can check which version the device is running by browsing to the Settings > About and check for available software updates.
Samsung Galaxy S3
Take a look around: The Galaxy S3 has a detachable plastic casing, so when trying to find a cheap handset, check for cracks. Also inspect the screen for scratches and the exterior dings.

The more time a handset has been dropped, the more likely the screen won’t survive another spill.

Listen and learn: Headphone ports are often the first things to go, so before you hand over money for a second hand cheap, Galaxy S3 plug in a pair of headphones and listen to some tunes.

Use the phone: After snapping up a bargain, you don’t want to wait too long before find out the Wi-Fi radio is busted, so test essential functions like calling, texting, taking photos and connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi and mobile data. Test the camera shutter buttons, volume keys and the power button.

Battery life: Galaxy S3 batteries are replaceable, by removing the back cover, With a two-year old phone, the battery pack’s capacity may have diminished a little. Keep an eye on how quickly the battery life is diminishing. If you’re struggling to make it through a day, you may need a new cell.
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