Cheap and Efficient Online Parcel Services

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How to send parcels cheaply and efficiently - use

The company

I have used for over 3 years now and I would highly reccomend them to any eBayer.  They sometimes get bad press on reviews but this is 100% not my experience.

They are cheap, efficient and I get excellent after care.

Tip 1: Email a.brown @ or g.iveson @ and you seem to get a quick and direct answer.
Tip 2: Ask for a discount!  It worked for me!!
Tip 3: Use the quick quote on the home page of www. for service comparisons

Parcels In General

I find, and this applies to ALL couriers, that if you spend the time and effort packaging your item you end up with less damages.  I hear so many people I buy from say "I used tons of bubble wrap..." or "I wrote fragile on the parcel...".

The truth is couriers have conveyors and automated handling systems that cannot read labels.  Also, bubble wrap is not a guarantee damage cannot happen. 

I developed a test I use (and please don't copy it and then sue me!!  This is my personal opinion!!) - if I drop a parcel standing on a chair and it can survive that fall then generally it should be ok (note the use of generally and should!)

Ensure you get the right TYPE and LEVEL of cover.'s 2-4 day service covers loss only but their other services cover both for example.

Also, for those reading the reviews giving these guys a kicking - my experience is that Parcel Force are so much worse.  Don't even get me started on the others. 

At the end of the day this is my personal view here but 3 years (including outside eBay) and I have had a great experience and lower costs with a simple quote and order system suggests it has merit.

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