Cheap as 'CHIPS'

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This is a small guide to all of you who infrequently use ebay to purchase bargains which seem too good to be true.

So first of all to those of you who do this BEWARE !!  The usual comment you hear is 'if it is too good to be true then it probably is!!'. Some of you will probably bid for items which in the real world you would be shocked to see in a shop window for 0.99p. Infact most of you would probably walk past £1 shops knowing the quality of items found inside.

So why opt for the same quality on ebay ? Well, probably because no one can physically see you going into ebay and buying the product cheaply.

But as I always say, 'BUYER BEWARE' !  There are a lot of unscrupulous sellers out there who will sell items cheaply to make a fast buck and forget about you, the buyer who buys the item only to find it either doesn't work or it costs more to send back than it did to buy in the first instance.

In most cases, and this is proven, it is always most favourable to take three prices when buying. Summarily add the three together and divide by the same quantity (called the MEAN). This should then give you the item to opt for nearest the MEAN price you arrive at.

This has been tested and found to work. Allowing you the piece of mind that you are not paying the highest price; but at the same time assuring yourself of a quality product with a good return policy.

Another probability is bidding for items which start at 0.01p. Usually if they start at 0.01p then look at the postage. If an item can be sold cheaply and yet the postage is high then you can bet that the postage will be cheap when it arrives and you have unknowingly paid what the asking price would have been with another item who's price was greater; but whose postage was fairer and the returns policy was also better.

just make yourselves aware that in todays society everyone wants to bleed every penny from your purse/wallet for the least amount of cost associated with that.

And remember, if it looks too cheap ' THEN IT PROBABLY IS TOO CHEAP'

Please do not mistake this guide with all bidding auctions where people selling are genuine, remember to ask them a question about the item, if there is enough time. You can normally spot a genuine seller by their speed of correspondence and quality of correspondence.

If they take time to reply and do so in a shortened manner, I usually find that it will be good quality. However, should the reply be fast and longwinded then from experience you can bet the item will be poor and if there is a problem then forget the returns service.

So to all you new bidders and buyers 'CHEAP AS CHIPS'  does not mean quality or confidence !!

Good luck to all and happy bidding on your items.







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