Cheap chinese instruments, especially saxophones

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Within the last couple of years the quality of many of these instruments has improved; recent saxes by some chinese makers have been well reviewed in such publications as the Clarinet and saxophone society (CASS) magazine. They represent great value. They need to be carefully selected by a knowledgeable player however. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OLDER MODELS. Even so a maker may produce ( for example ) an excellent tenor but a very dodgy alto. Many makers have instruments made for them in China (as do some dealers) and put their own name on them. These can often be good as such firms have reputations to lose, but tend to command a price premium. my own experience has led me to believe that most of them do not wear well, and when the initial buyer has finished with them should probably be scrapped. Reading the comments on various clarinet and saxophone websites will give you a good idea what is worth considering, but remember that on these sites the reviewer's standard is usually that of a professional model costing thousands; nevertheless a few oe the cheap instruments stand the comparison amazingly well. Do some homework before you buy!! Wuppertal Bandsman
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