Cheap eBay listing times

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Here i will tell you the best times to purchase eBay items.

I have purchased 19 items in the last two days and most of these were at weird times.

Between 2am and 6am GMT every day of the week seem to be good times to purchase products. Also, around 10am on weekdays seem to be good times. Just try and think of times where people will be busy. Christmas day was an excellent time to purchase goods, i bought a phone, a memory card and loads of clothes on Christmas day and wasn't outbid. I reckon it will be the same for new years eve at between 10pm and 2am New years day.

The worst times for a buyer to buy a product are early evenings between 5pm and 9pm as everybody is coming in from work.

Hope this information is useful, it doesn't sound as great on here. Happy eBaying.



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