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It's real easy to be tempted by cheap prices on ebay especially when it comes to electronics and computer stuff. Something which is becoming a great annoyance to me though is the number of people being deceptive about the location of items. I don't mind that an item is being drop shipped from China or Hong Kong, but be honest about it. If I'm looking to buy something I believe to be located in the United Kingdom, it's because I want it that little bit faster. I don't expect to find out over a week later that it was in fact coming from Hong Kong.

It has to be said though, I've had stuff from Hong Kong that more often than not can arrive more quickly than purchases inside the UK. Whilst I'm on my soapbox about description inaccuracies. Free delivery as special offers. I recently got caught out on an item which was advertised as free delivery. I knew what the item was and what it was for so I didn't need to read the entire description. It seems though that although Free delivery was down as the main option, it was in fact only free if you were purchasing a certain item with it. In this case a SATA cable would get free delivery if you purchased a raid card at the same time. I didn't find this out until after I had paid and recieved a message from the seller stating I had 3 lots of delivery charges to pay for my 3 cables. In this case delivery should have had... "See description" opposed to free delivery.

Finally isn't time that when organizing searches into price lowest first, that the lowest price was that of both the bid/buyitnow and the postage?

My advice to you is, if an item says free delivery as the main option, always check the description to make sure it is legitimate. If it is pc related or electronics and the price seems too good to be true for your country, always look through feedback thoroughly because you can gaurantee that even in positive feedback people will comment if it has come from out of the country if it has.

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