Cheap impulse sealer from China.

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Impulse sealer - bag sealer - small plastic sealer - packaging machinery

Hands off cheap impulse sealers from China! What you get is what you see on that neat picture in the Ebay item description - AND NOTHING ELSE!!

Such stuff is being offered her at some £30 up to £50, plus heavy despatch charges (the suppliers are located in Kong Kong and somewhere else in that area).

The actual factory price in China for an impulse sealer of 8" = approx. 200 millimetres working length is somewhat between US$8 and US$12, i.e. £5.40 - £8.25 - but they are even not worth that!!

What you probably will get when buying such scrap is a sealer with a fantasy plug (mainly plugs for the US, or for South America), a manual which is hardly to understand (the Hong Kong salesmen do their translation into English by Babelfish, obviously), and an item which may even not be assembled properly.

In any impulse sealer, there are some wear & tear parts involved. This normally is the heating wire, which is simply a resistance, electrically spoken. To prevent the plastic bag to be sealed from the hot wire, the wire is covered by a teflon fabric sheet or strip.

Both the wire and the teflon protector from Chinese sealers are of the lowest quality. They will last for about 50 or, if you're lucky, 100 sealing cycles. After that, you have to replace the wire and / or the teflon. And frome where to get?


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