Cheap microsd cards Reformatted / upgraded any good?

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I can't believe that e-bay are allowing sellers to list and sell these cards!

Lets be clear about this..... a big capacity memory card for less than 20% of the usual cost of these cards?

Sounds too good to be true! Hmmmm.....

Why such good value?

I'll tell you why....... Because they are Fake!

Lets say you buy one of these cards, then try to load it up with files, movies, maybe your valuable pictures, documents, etc.

After a while, you will reach a point where the files will start to become lost....The write process slows down... They will appear to copy to the card ok, but when you try to access them again, trust me... they won't be there!

This is because the true size of these memory cards has been faked!

For example, the 64Gb card may only have a true size of just 4Gb, but it will have a hacked volume descriptor  that fools your PC or Phone into thinking it's got 64Gb of storage, so this false value is what your PC/Phone will show as the card memory size.

The seller will try to get round this by describing the card as "reformatted" or "upgraded" , It "may not be supported by your hardware" or "works ok only on specific windows versions" "no returns" , or to quote one seller.... "IF YOU ARE USING THESE MICRO SD CARDS IN OTHER MEDIA DEVICES, PLEASE CHECK THAT THEY SUPPORT THIS SIZE BEFORE PURCHASING, AS I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR INCORRECTLY PLACED ORDERS."
plus other spurious claims ,in order to try to dissuade you from making a valid Paypal claim.
They'll sell you the card, then try to blame your equipment or operating system for the reason it won't work.

They Know the cards are rubbish.... Grrr!..... it makes me so mad that they are allowed to continue to sell them!
Normally a buyer receives the card, writes a few files to it, and then gives them positive feedback, it's only when they start to load the card up that they realize there is some problem with it,  but by then it's too late to complain..... they've already said the card is great.
Only a small percentage of buyers in the know will suss out there is a problem and negotiate a refund..... check sellers feedback carefully.... even  "positive" feedback from buyers mentioning a refund should start ringing alarm bells with you.

 One seller I've seen even admits in the auction details that it is a 4Gb card reformatted to 64Gb...... Absolute-Utter-Complete-Hogwash!, It's like reprinting the label on a can of lager to say it contains One Gallon of beer!

If you buy one of these cards,  you might as well open your front door and throw your hard earned cash down the street!

Please don't be fooled.

If you have already bought one...and are having problems with it,  make a claim! don't let them scam you.

Try to buy from a seller who has a lots of good feedback for the item they are selling, with absolutely Minimal or Zero negative feedback !






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