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  1. When selling clothes a good idea to achieve a cheaper postage at the post office is to iron the item as flat as you can. I always do this with my clothes items as alot of them can fit into the Large class option. Unfortunately items such as jeans have a bulky waist so there is noway to flatten them down.
  2. When packaging your item up cut the parcel packet to your items size. Many atimes ive received items through the post from sellers who have just put the item in a parcel bag and wrapped the plastic round. This bulks up the item and also increases the weight of the item.
  3. Always use the royal mail website as a guide as this can sometimes change when you visit the post office.
  4. I find cheap bin bags from stores such as Asda and Tesco are really good as they are lightweight.


Important Notice:

Please remember this ~> If you ever sell anything over £5 send the item by royal mail *Tracking* service. I think its 72p and is worth the money. If you sell an item thats worth more than what this service covers always get insurance.


Tips to avoid fraudsters:

  1. It is your choice to sell abroad but from past experiences I never sell anything over seas. There are alot of fraudsters out there and unfortunately even after reading this you may still fall victim to there ways...
  2. If you sell an item that is of high value make sure they pay the costs to have the item signed for in there country if you do sell abroad. For high value items that are posted in the UK make sure you are covered by a tracking number. This way you can prove you posted the item and also they received it.
  3. If you receive a paypal payment ALWAYS check your paypal account first before posting...I have twice now received a fake paypal payment and thankfully not posted the item out. Unfortunately my friend sold her laptop on ebay and the buyer gave her a sob story for her to post the item to him overseas. Once she received the paypal payment giving her instructions on what to do she went to the post office and posted the item. Unfortunately it was an hour later after I spoke to her and said "paypal never give you instructions" that she realsied she had been conned. We went back to her paypal account and found zero funds in her account. I checked the e-mail she had received and showed her that paypal never say "once the item is posted, enter the tracking number here:.......... and we will release your funds". My friend never got her laptop back and was left out of pocket £800....
  4. Set up buyer requirements. Go onto the help page and type in buyer requirements - this will give you instructions on what is available and what steps to take or you can go to your personal details and on there you will find a link "set up buyer requirements"

Buyer requirements: enables you to > block people with less than 0 feedback, block buyers who have had warnings/strikes for not paying for items, buyers from outside the u.k....



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