Cheating Guide to a High Fashion Wardrobe

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When I'm wondering how to get a bit of inspiration, a change, and to look fashionable I like a quick glance at the suggestions on a designer website like Vogue or net a porter.
Just looking at it gives you an idea of whether you can get away with certain styles such as the underwear look or colourful fake fur, clashing prints etc if you are feeling daring.  Otherwise just to know what clothes generally are really "in" at any particular time.  And then what you do is go to ebay and search in the search box for what you are after.
Of course most people are not looking to be quite so out-there with their sartorial sense and most of the inspiration you will find shows you what to wear to be elegant rather than outrageous.
Many sellers like myself have been looking for items to sell bearing in mind what we ourselves would wear if there were enough days to experiment like that!
The advantage of ebay is that you can find something a lot like the much more expensive items - and in many cases even find the very same designers if you are lucky - for rock bottom prices.
Unlike buying from thrift shops you have the confidence that the seller has checked out the items, photographed and listed them so you can find exactly what you have in mind.
At these prices you don't have to feel guilty for regularly getting new clothes.  Your spend is minimal and you save the environment if you buy something used, because the cost of producing items and disposing of them takes it's toll. 
It's a win/win situation and a lot of fun too.
If you want to find something in your size in my ebay shop you can do a direct search for it.  When looking at an item simply click on the link to the right that says "visit shop Women Fashion Finds".   Next at the top is a box "search within shop".  Here you can type "size 16"  or "medium"  or "green" or "cardigan" - something like that and a selection that has this term in the title will turn up for you to browse.  It is a good way to quickly find things that interest you.
Sellers are normally happy to answer questions by private message also - regarding combined postage discounts and so on.
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