Cheating On your partner what NOT to do.

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Gordon has been a BAD BAD Boy well actually He is a 55 yo Male.

His partner of 15 years recently found out that he is the member of a swingers club !!!.

Obviously She is worried out of her mind as she knows he does not practice safe you know what, so he may have given her an unexpected present.

Now on top of that she also found out that he is also paying for live virtual sex videos per his instruction from a list of  25 contacts.

Yes Gordon is a moron.

Sadly he even lies about his name as Gordon is her maiden name, is that sick or what.

Apparently you only pay 30p a time to have a woman do anything you desire.

Yet another Lie she imagines as who in their right mind would sell their body for 30p .

Apparently this has been happening for only two weeks and the moon is made of green cheese as well  Lol.

Also sad that he is still lying through his teeth about it.

Most women really dont ask for much in a relationship but Guys you will most likely find that 99% of the time Honesty and Trust go hand in hand and are at the top of the list.

Without them you have nothing.

All very sad indeed.

The moral of the story Guys

DONT leave your laptop open on a page with all your swinging Doggy-ing contacts and your sexy adult conversations in full view when you fall asleep.

Someone may be thinking they are doing you a good deed when they go to switch it off.

The next thing you know your expensive laptop lands on your head .

Mainly because not only are you a scumbag ,

But it is very insulting and degrading to your partner that you actually have the gaul to sit for 5 Hrs talking dirty with others instructing them to insert various objects in to their body while you watch .

Especially while she is in the room and has been told, you are too busy to do anything with her , not even go for a 20 minute walk  as this weekend you have all these reports to finish for work.


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It would also be interesting to know how you pay subscriptions over the net and of course the 30p per pop as he put it ,without using a Credit /Debit Card or Bank account also nothing showing on the Telephone Bill.

Unless you can use your mobile to pay ?.

But that I imagine would cost more than 30p per time .

We have clamped up completely re payment method and are not wanting to talk about this , though when initially caught off guard we have admitted we are paying for it.

Mmm All this silence Makes one suspicious a lot more than  £4 per week. is being spent.

Where does this leave her.

After all He says it is all Harmless fun and He does not see why she is so upset.

Even when he is giving these women complements and telling them how sexy they look during the performance apparently this is fine.

Gordon has now been informed that if this behavior is good enough for Him it is Good enough for Her, He had His chance to be Honest and open and He chose not to take it.

SHOCK HORROR Gordon does not liker this idea  one bit.

He does not want Her to join the Swingers club or the online pay for virtual sex  and chat thing .

He does not want her chatting like that to other Men.

May be now he will realise what a .......... He has been but sadly I very much doubt He will stop as His ID and Email are still registered with the site even though He swore He removed everything on Saturday.

In fact His ID is registered with a lot of sites, amazing how much you can find on the net with a few simple searches.

It will be strange talking sexy on a forum as she has never typed anything on the internet that she would not say to someones face in public, she has also never typed anything that she would not let Gordon read.

But of course Gordon Has most likely seen and done it all before and as he says it is all Harmless fun.

Yes I am sure it is Harmless when you are the one who wants to live with deceipt and lies every day of your life.

Some of us however prefer to be honest and straight forward and do not want to live like this.

Off to the Doc to get my bits tested now and I promise Gordon if anything comes back positive you will have more than your precious laptop to worry about.











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