Check language before bidding on Keyboards buyit loveit

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Just a word of advice to UK buyers considering bidding on keyboards from ebay shop Buyit Loveit (seller: jonnym77)  - unless specified as new these are all refurbished keyboards, ie used/second hand.  Also, if the price is cheap eg, £1.50, £3.50 it will most likely be a foreign keyboard and unless you are a competent touch typist you will have great difficulty locating the punctuation keys as the labels on these keys perform completely different functions.  The seller's pages are laid out so that you have to scroll across to the right hand side to see the product specifications and it is easy to miss this and go straight down to the description - a clever and deliberate page set-up I think.  The description describes all the good points about the keyboards - ultra thin keys, spill resistant, etc but does not warn that these keyboards are not suitable for buyers wanting an English language keyboard or that they are used and may be scratched (the one I recently purchased has 3 keys where the letters are barely visible). 

 I purchased a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 Keyboard recently for £1.50 plus p&p £7.00 which I intended to give to my dad as a present - however on checking it out to make sure it was fully functional I realised the defects mentioned above and decided to keep it for myself as I am a competent typist (although I didn't actually need a new keyboard).  As I hadn't paid too much for the item I'd decided not to leave any feedback rather than leaving negative feedback as I hadn't noticed the specification about the language being Danish, but after being hassled by the seller to leave feedback I decided to email him back with my complaints about the product and said that unless he was able to resolve these I would have no choice but to leave negative feedback.  I had also checked back through my emails from this seller and noticed that although the price was £1.50 + £7.00p&p I had in fact been charged £9.25 so I asked for an explanation for this in my email to him.

Well I can't fault him on the speed of his response to my email, bearing in mind it was after midnight that I sent this and he'd replied within about 10 minutes, but that's the only good thing I can say about this seller.  His reply was inaccurate about the cost (he said I must have opted for 75p insurance which wasn't the case - when I checked their checkout receipt the total had been adjusted by them to increase p&p to £7.75 without insurance), the email was extremely badly typed with several spelling mistakes, numbers in middle of words & grammatically incorrect, and he refused a return of the item as I had threatened him with negative feedback.  His email was completely unprofessional, rude and abrupt.  I promptly replied back commenting on his inability to reply in proper English and expressing my dissatisfaction with the service I'd received, to which I received his immediate reply that he would be reporting me to the police for my 'racist' comments just because he was a foreigner - up until this point I hadn't realised I was dealing with a foreign seller!  So.... BEWARE OF THIS SELLER - he is trading as a business but has no concept of customer service and is selling poor quality items and increasing postage charges at checkout after you have entered into a contract to buy (wish I had noticed this sooner!)

PS - I am still awaiting arrest!!!! 

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