Check the software version of the Pace 1000 mini box

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Many Pace 1000 mini digi boxes for sale on Ebay have old software versions and although they will probably work,  the number of programmes will be restricted.

This is because the Pace 1000 is popular with caravanners and it may have only be used occasionally and unless it is connected to the satellite dish permanently in the standby mode it will not update automatically and is consequently left behind.

Ask the seller what software version it is.  They will be able to tell you by accessing the system details. 

The minimum version should be 3.5.3 which will give you all the TV and Radio programmes you might need.  The latest version is 

Most of the freeview programmes will be available without a card but at the time of writing you will need the £20 Sky card to get channels 4 & 5.

A Sky card that you maybe use at home in another digi box will not work away from home in the mini box.

By doing a forced software update you MAY be able to update the box yourself but you MUST have a good satellite signal and if you are successful you will probably update to version 5.3.5.  If you then are able to leave it connected permanently in the standby mode it could well update itself automatically later on but you may have to wait sometime.






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