Children's Guide to Essential Baseball Equipment

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Children's Guide to Essential Baseball Equipment

Baseball is a variation on the classic British game of rounders. It is a fun and engaging game that teaches children about team work, provides structure and discipline, and helps them improve their general fitness, as well as key skills, such as coordination, timing, and running. To play baseball successfully, a range of essential pieces of equipment is necessary. Gaining an understanding of the essential baseball equipment for children allows you to purchase the correct equipment to let children to play safely and successfully.


Baseball Shoes for Children

Baseball shoes, known as cleats in the United States and football boots in the United Kingdom, are lightweight, protective shoes, which offer support and feature studs or spikes on the soles, providing extra grip and traction on the playing surface as children run. Leather is the material of choice, as it is durable, comfortable, and supportive. Leather baseball shoes also provide good airflow, keeping the feet cool and reducing the risk of blistering and fungus. Choose from rubber, plastic, or metal spikes on the soles of the shoes. For children, rubber or plastic are the safer choice, as metal spikes or studs are dangerous in the event of children colliding with one another. Popular brands include Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok.


Baseball Safety Equipment for Children

Essential for adults and children, alike, baseball safety equipment is a must. Because baseballs are very hard and can do a great deal of damage if hit with force, a mouthguard is necessary to protect the teeth, preventing fractures and tooth loss, and it also reduces the rate of concussion in the event of a blow to the head. Choose a stock mouthguard which is a generic type and does not offer an individual fit. Alternatively, opt for a boil and bite mouth guard. You heat this up with hot water, and then place it the mouth and bite down until it cools. This provides an individual fit, quickly and easily. A Baseball batting helmet is hard and durable and protects the head from injury. It features a mask which protects the face from a blow with a baseball. For a catcher, choose a fielder's mask, which protects the face from painful and dangerous blows from the ball. Chest guards are baseball shirts specifically for fielders who have protective padding or armour around the chest. These tops have a cool, comfortable construction that keeps players cool and dry, wicking away moisture. The armour protects against broken ribs, fractures, and serious bruising.


Baseball Bats for Children

Baseball bats are absolute essentials. For children, you can select a baseball bat by age or by height and weight. Wooden baseball bats are the traditional style, with a maple, ash, bamboo, or wood composite construction. They give an authentic feel, and allow for a customised swing and correct batting form. Composite bats are very popular, providing the largest sweet spot and the best balance.

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