Childrens Jewellery Box Buying guide

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Children's Jewellery Box Buying guide

A jewellery box is a fabric-lined receptacle that is made to hold trinkets and jewels. Jewellery boxes are often decorated with many drawers or compartments. Giving a child a jewellery box is a good way for a child to start their jewellery collection, with a safe place to store and protect their jewels and trinkets. Children's jewellery boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are often smaller than adult jewellery boxes. Some popular children's jewellery boxes include jewellery boxes that contain a dancing ballerina, as well as jewellery boxes that play music when opened.

Children's jewellery boxes often act as heirlooms that stay in a family for generations. Children's jewellery boxes can be purchased at jewellery stores, department stores, or online at eBay. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a children's jewellery box, including characteristics of children's jewellery boxes, as well as what styles of children's jewellery boxes are available.

Characteristics of a Children's Jewellery Box

Children's jewellery boxes are often just down-sized version of adult jewellery boxes. As such, they often have the same features and characteristics. Children's jewellery boxes often differ from adult boxes solely in size and outer appearance.

Size and Shape

Children's jewellery boxes are small and compact, making them appropriate for holding small pieces of jewellery and trinkets. The shape of a children's jewellery box varies but is typically square or rectangular. There are two main varieties of children's jewellery boxes that differ in both size and shape.

Sitting Jewellery Box

The sitting jewellery box is rectangular or square box that has a lift-off lid. The lid of this type of jewellery box either lifts off completely as a separate piece, or is connected by a hinge. Children's musical jewellery boxes are an example of a sitting jewellery box.

Standing Jewellery Box

The standing jewellery box is a rectangle shape but stands up, so that the longest plane is vertical as opposed to horizontal. The standing jewellery box typically has swing-out doors for hanging pieces of jewellery, as well as small drawers, for laying jewellery. Sometimes standing jewellery boxes have their own legs to stand on. Children's jewellery boxes of this type usually are made to sit on a dresser or other flat surface.

Outer Material

Children's jewellery boxes can be fashioned from a number of different materials. Like adult jewellery boxes, the most popular material used to create a children's jewellery box is wood. Although wood jewellery boxes can be a bit expensive compared to other materials, they are durable and timeless. Children's jewellery boxes can also be made out of less expensive materials such as decorated cardboard, leather, plastic, aluminium, and metal.


The inner lining of a jewellery box should keep jewellery snug and protected from the elements as well as other pieces of jewellery. The inner lining choices for a children's jewellery box is often the same as an adult jewellery box. Velvet and suede are the most common materials used to craft the inner lining of a jewellery box. Some children's jewellery boxes also offer a less expensive option of felt, which functions similarly to velvet and suede. Loose and slick linings like silk are not recommended because they allow jewellery to slide around and do not provide jewellery adequate protection from tarnishing.

Storage Compartments

One of the most important things to think about when buying a children's jewellery box is what kind of storage compartments are needed. Some jewellery boxes, such as the standing jewellery box, offer special hooks for hanging necklaces. Other jewellery boxes offer special compartments for rings and earrings. Some children's jewellery boxes also offer fun secret storage compartments. Different jewellery pieces require different types of storage compartments.


Pendants require one of two different types of storage compartments. Pendants should hang on hooks that are mounted to the inside of the lid of a sitting jewellery box, or on hooks on the inside of a door of a standing jewellery box. Ideally, pendants are also placed in a pouch prior to hanging, to keep the pendant secure and protected.


Most jewellery boxes offer a platform or a drawer that is made to hold rings. Rings are typically placed in a compartment with cushioned grooves, so that the band of ring is completely enveloped by the lining. This feature helps prevent the metal band from tarnishing.


Little children might not yet own a wristwatch. However, older children often have wristwatches of their own or possess an adult's wristwatch that has been passed down. For children that own some type of watch, a children's jewellery box with an internal watch box should be purchased. A watch box holds the wristwatch as if it were being worn, protecting the shape and keeping the closure from getting damaged.


Pearls are often heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. As such, it is likely that a children who is interested in a jewellery box might in fact own some piece of pearl jewellery. Unlike many other gems and stones, pearls need extra protection when being stored. For items such as pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, or another piece with more than one pearl, the pearls need to be stored so they are not touching one another. This precaution is necessary to avoid chipping and scratching. Further, pearls that come on a silk string should never be hung from a hook, but instead laid flat, as the string becomes weak over time.


Earrings should have a similar storage compartment to rings. Stud earrings are kept in grooved cushions so the backs are hidden between the jewellery lining. This protects the backs of the earrings, as well as other jewellery from getting poked or scratched. Dangling earrings should hang with necklaces and bracelets.

Necklaces and Bracelets

Ideally, necklaces and bracelets require hooks so that they can hang without interfering with themselves or other necklaces and bracelets. Laying bracelets or necklaces in drawers allows them to tangle and creates a mess of jewellery. Standing jewellery boxes are especially good for children that have many necklaces and bracelets.

Styles of Children's Jewellery Boxes

Besides being much smaller, the main difference between an adult's jewellery box and a child's jewellery box is the box's outer appearance and layout. Some children's jewellery boxes are simply scaled-down adult jewellery boxes, that are both more child-friendly and accessible. From the outside, these simply look like small adult jewellery boxes.

Children's jewellery boxes are often decorated on the outside to embody the personality of a child or depict themes, characters, or stories that a child enjoys. For example, there are disney-themed jewellery boxes or butterfly-themed jewellery boxes. Additionally, children's jewellery boxes come in a wide variety of colours, covering all hues of the rainbow.

In addition to a bright and kid-friendly appearance, children's jewellery boxes are often of the musical variety. Classic children's songs play when the jewellery box is opened. Further, some jewellery boxes feature dancing fairies or ballerinas that twirl when the lid or door of the jewellery box is open. Each of these styles of children's jewellery boxes are catered to each unique child and are often an item that a child treasures well into their adult years.

How to Buy a Children's Jewellery Box on eBay

There are many different styles, shapes, and sizes of children's jewellery boxes. It is important that you purchase a jewellery box that fits the individual needs and personality of the child that is receiving the box. A children's jewellery box is a great way to encourage a child to start a jewellery collection or to safely store jewellery and treasurers already owned. eBay has a wide selection of children's jewellery boxes to choose from. For example, if you are looking for a musical children's jewellery box, simply navigate to the eBay website and type in "musical children's jewellery box&" into the keyword search box. All the children's jewellery boxes matching this description is then be populated for you to view.

With eBay, there is no reason to go into any purchase blind. eBay provides forums for buyers to give individual sellers feedback. By paying attention to buyer feedback and the seller's ratings, you can ensure that you are buying an item such as a children's jewellery box from a reputable seller. This is just one way eBay makes buying a children's jewellery box efficient and worry-free.


In many ways, children's jewellery boxes are very similar to jewellery boxes owned by an adult. The main difference is the size and outer appearance of the box. However, the same kind of attention to size and shape, lining, outer material, and storage compartments is necessary to make the best purchase for the child. Certain jewellery boxes are better suited for certain types of jewellery than others.

One of the most attractive things about a children's jewellery box is the potential for it to be passed from generation to generation. As such, the style of the jewellery box should fit the personality of the child but still be basic enough to be relevant years into the future. Features such as music and dancing ballerinas are also a fantastic way to make a jewellery box more kid-friendly. A children's jewellery box is a great gift for a special child for any occasion.

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