Chinese 125 Gy125 running tips

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More on running these Chinese 125s. They are pretty much all the same being a generic copy of Hondas veritable CG125 and my experiance is the engines are smooth, economical and reliable.

The amazing thing is how good the gear selection and clutch operation is. The engine is a credit however the cycle parts are questionalable! It's not all bad the fundementals like spokes, bearings even tyres seem up to the job but what lets the side down is the nuts and bolts! Put simply they are inferior and come loose, strip threads and generaly elongate in use.

I reccomend if your machine is delivered in kit form you have to hand a selection of Metric nuts, bolts and washers along with lock washers and threadlock compound and use a combination of these the ensure that whats bolted on stays bolted on!

Remember that nuts and bolts clamping the fork legs, securing the wheels and engine should not be replaced as these are specific to the machine.

The only item that I can pin point of questionable performance is the final drive chain, I reccomend this be replaced with a quality Japanese item, mine broke!

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