Chinese Take Away of Your Money

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In this world there is never anything for nothing. The latest scam that has been offered to me is as follows:
You receive an enquiry about acting as a Trading agent for a big Chinese based manufacturer or Distributor in Hong Kong. They want to send you lists of eBay items for sale, around 35 items per list, which you put up on eBay and manage for them. Buyers come along and buy these items, usually about 50 - 75 dollars each, and pay you by Paypal. You then take off 10% and your ebay costs and Bank transfer the balance of the money to China.
Excellent you think, the Chinese Manufacturer will send the goods direct to the buyer, you don't have to stock them and you are making 350 dollars a day on sales. You'll be rich.

Yes you would be but for one thing, the Chinese connection doesn't send the goods, they don't exist, you've put up a list that has sold goods, taken money for goods and the buyer is not going to get the goods. But how long before you find out you been conned. Well the Chinese connections sends you the lists over two or three weeks so you got hundreds of goods on sale, the money starts coming in and you send lists back to China telling them what to ship, they are not going to ship till you pay them anyway so you Bank Transfer the funds every Thursday.

Well it will be about seven thousand dollars later and around four weeks that you find you been conned. The Chinese connection has your bank transfers, you have 10% of your sales plus eBay costs and an awful lot of angry customers which you start to refund in full. Your loss - 110% plus eBay costs of everything you put up on eBay!!

If you missed the scam where people were sending out false Western Union Money Orders for goods, and they got caught after duping hundreds of people you were lucky. Don't get involved in this one. If you are a Trading Assistant think every offer out carefully and NEVER ever offer to sell goods on eBay unless you can verify the goods and never sell for an overseas client unless the goods are here in the UK first.

The Chinese takeaway in this case is your money!! Please be warned.
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