Chinese Takeaway Part 1 - The Agent

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You may receive an International phone call from Jasmine, Rupert or Donald in China. What he/she offers you is expensive luxury multiple fancy goods like ipods, motorbikes, jewellrey, clothes etc. They will tell you they need a UK representative, would you be interested? They will despatch items direct to your customers from the wharehouses in China. You can make 33% on every item in the listing. All you have to do is just sell the items on eBay, deduct your eBay costs and take 33% of the sale price and then Bank Transfer the balance every Thursday to an account in China.

The Factory or Wharehouse Agent has the listings all ready to send you. All you have to do is load up the list ing to eBay for him/her. Its easy, the software to do it is sent too. The listings will be sent to you every Thursday. The listings arrive every Thursday for six weeks.

So the Listing arrives, you upload the items for sale with the supplied software onto your nice bona fide eBay site and all the items are Buy It Now and amazingly low prices for expensive goods! 

Yes, you've found a new friend and a great way to make money and don't have to buy the items you sell!! the items will sell, you get paid, you transfer money to China and they will ship them.

The Buy It Now items start selling, people pay you by Paypal and then wait for their goods. The listing does say three weeks so they wait three weeks. Meanwhile you send money to China every Thursday. At the end of six weeks nothing has been delivered to your customers from the first listing and by this time you've done five listings and four payments to China.

The buyers start to email you! First just a few enquiries,  then it gets more and more, till every Buy It Now is clamouring for the goods or a refund!

You find that you have sold goods that don't exist, will never be delivered, you been conned by Professionals who have moved on. So you start to reimburse your customers with your own money and someone in China is very happy as they have your money too.

They will take about  £10,000 off you before you realise you been conned and then you got to pay the buyers back.


Lessons to be learnt:

1. There is never something for nothing

2. If it is too good to be true it isn't true.

3. You are dealing with well versed Professional Thieves who know how to work greedy people.

4. Have the goods at your disposal before offering them for sale, never sell anything you've never seen.

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