Chocolate hatching eggs - scammers are about - beware

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So you want to buy a Chocolate Chicken?

Or rather you want to buy fertile hatching eggs that will hatch into a chocolate coloured chicken?
Wow it seems any person with a brown coloured bird can change the word “brown” to “chocolate” and get innocent people bidding megabucks. I  wish I had the gall and nerve to rip people off so easily, I could be rolling in it by now, but I don’t, and I couldn't; - that is why I want to warn people about the scammers.
 It really is a case of “Buyer Beware” with these “chocolate” hatching eggs.  
The high prices out there have brought the scammers and ignorant hopefuls out of the woodwork in droves. People have even reported hatching out Light Sussex from so called “Chocolate Orpington” eggs  they paid hundreds of pounds for.
  Don’t be the one to get scammed!!
So before hitting that bid button please please do some internet research on the chocolate gene.
Just because a chicken is any shade of brown in colour ranging from deep brown to red does not mean it is carrying the chocolate gene. The chocolate gene is a specific and well documented gene. Go and read up on how it works.  – a bit of reading and studying photos so you can recognize the real colour could save you a fortune in wasted egg money!

Don't go confusing the colour Dun  with Chocolate. These two genes may produce birds somewhat similar in colour but the breeding works in a  totally different way.
Be aware that some chicks that are not carrying the chocolate gene may look chocolate on hatching.  Never simply go by the chick down colour shown in any photos - it is the adult parent that you need to know about.
Ask the seller questions. You are about to hand over money, they should be prepared to answer them openly. If the seller sounds at all evasive then best to avoid….
Always do a picture search on Google - as the scammers out there frequently steal other pictures from anywhere on the web and try to pass them off as their own parent stock.  If you find the pictures elsewhere on the web make a note of where the original picture is located and check the seller to see whereabouts they are located… If it doesn’t match then be very suspicious, again, ask questions!
Remember there are good honest chocolate Orpington breeders out there who won’t cheat you, and you may even find their eggs are cheaper than you were just about to pay out to a scammer - just do some research on it.
It gets very depressing seeing all these odd listings of so-called chocolate birds and chocolate x birds and not being able to contact the bidders to warn them they are about to be ripped off.  So please be careful and do your research first. Also do a google search on the sellers name, you never know what it might turn up! ;-)
Finally if you do get scammed and you paid by paypal open a dispute and you might get your money back.

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