Choose the right RAM to upgrade your PC

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If I am not careful, this will sound just like an advertisement....

I don't care - when I find something as useful as this, and so beautifully laid out that a complete numpty can use it, I just have to tell the world.

Bottom line - I was brought a very sick PC that turned out to have so many viruses and worms that it would (barely) boot up to the Windows XP HE desktop, and no more.

I was sure that the fact it only has 256MB of RAM was contributing to the problem.

But... it was a Dell Dimension 2400 - and apparently they are very choosy as to what RAM they will accept - not just any old DDR1

The I heard about this CRUCIAL website, which allows you to find the right RAM in moments.

I am not allowed to place a link to that website here, but use your loaf, and you should find it!

You just have to admire the layout and ease of use of this great website. I have been trying to write user-friendly websites for over ten years, and this is better than anything I have seen (or done)

then you can buy from Ebay here

or here

another useful freeware utility to download is CPU-Z (from CPUID Software Development Kit) which clearly identifies all the esoteric details of your CPU, Cache, Mobo and existing memory.

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