Choosing A Wedding Date

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What may come as a surprise to many of you is that selecting your wedding date depends mostly on whether you want a particular reception or church.

Generally speaking, the earlier you plan your wedding the greater choice of venue and church you will have.

Start Two Years in Advance

It is suggested you start discussing the date with your partner around two years before, especially if you intend to get married in the most popular months between June to September.

Be sure that on the chosen date, parents, members of the bridal party and other close friends are available. Check beforehand as they may have other commitments. Also, make sure to check if any of your friends or relatives are getting married on the same day.

Prioritise - Venue or Date?

You have to decide what your priorities are: the reception venue or the wedding date itself?

If the venue is the most important to you, there is a chance you will have to change the date to when the venue is available. If you want an outdoor wedding, plan the date around the seasons to give yourself the best chance of not being disappointed by the weather.

If the date is the most important factor, be ready to accept vendors other than the ones you may have originally chosen. Many popular vendors are booked years in advance. You are far more likely to find the smaller or less-known ones available.

When choosing your date, try to choose one that has sentimental value. For example, the anniversary of the day you first met, the first kiss or the first 'I Love You'. It is certainly more romantic to link the date with such an occassion.

It is also wise to check for public holidays and events around the venue on the date of the wedding. Failing to do this can lead to unexpected traffic jams and other unexpected and unwanted delays.

On the other hand, it might be ideal to have your wedding on the eve of a Public or National Holiday as chances are your guests will have the that day off and they will be able to enjoy your wedding celebrations well into the night.

Another significant advantage of booking your wedding date on a National Holiday is the fact that your wedding anniversary will fall on that National Holiday in future years, ensuring the day is free for the two of you to enjoy your anniversary together.


It is a good idea to select a minimum of two dates. Having two days available at hand gives you more flexibility when booking the vendors you want.

If you are on a budget, do not opt to get married between June and September. These are high seasons and vendors may charge you less if you select a date during the other months. At the very least your ability to negotiate with vendors will be far greater in the low season.

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